Hard Work…Tasty Benefit

To maintain our strength, our culture and our relationship with one another, mentor Kawehi Ryder guided our students through the process of creating an imu. Having prior experiences with assisting in the imu process, our students were able to gain even more knowledge. All that hard work paid off with a very tasty lunch of…


Kalo Chips Anyone?

The end result of such hard work are the most delicious chips…Kalo chips! Thanks to Uncle Bobby and his never ending lessons of sustainability, responsibility and commitment, students and staff were able to enjoy kalo chips the day after we assisted him in harvesting a small patch at his farm. We will continue to help…


Maka’aka Lo’i

More and more we see the commitment of Aunty Penny Levin. The amount of work that she has completed is overshadowed by the work that lies ahead. Hui Malama students have a dual role in her work. Our students get the benefits of learning the Hawaiian culture by working side-by-side with hands-on training and learning…


Restoring our Hawaiian Culture

As we continue to move through the 21st century, we are mindful of our culture and the way of life that seems to be lost or forgotten, a simpler time filled with respect and responsibility to oneself, to the land and to each other. Students have the privilege of assisting in the restoration of a…


Up, Up and Away!!

Anyone for a space adventure? The 4th Annual Audience with an Astronaut event held at the Wailea Marriott Resort was the perfect place. Talking stories with a real astronaut and being able to see and experience the latest in space technology was an opportunity most of our students would have never been able to enjoy…


Mahalo Safeway Foundation

On behalf of the students, staff and Board of Directors of Hui Malama Learning Center, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your generous donation. Your contribution will allow us to expand our middle and high school programs and build an integrated curriculum with a focus on sustainable agriculture and food security. Donors…

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Organic…Of Course!

Our first visit to Kupa’a Farms was a success! Students were able to understand how hard it is to be an organic farmer, but how much more beneficial it is to our aina. The more natural materials we can recycle, the less unnatural materials would be needed. Mahalo Gerry Ross!